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F*CK your lawn

Overgrown you say?
Flowers, though wild, do not appeal
to your pristine senses?

I say,
maybe you’re wasting time
trimming your grass


I say,
maybe your yard,
your stupid yard
is boring
and lacks personality.


And maybe,
the ecosystem, living
under the ice
in my
above ground pool
is far more humane
than the chlorine factory
you keep in your backyard.


And maybe,
my bushes have
too many limbs,
no symmetry to them
at all,
but yours
piss me off
with their sculpted form.
Your vanilla arrangements
ain’t got nothing
on my
Rocky Road.

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#ghetto lyfe

Across the wooden planks, they creak so loudly,
handrails peeling like victims of an acid rain,
Though the carpet on the porch makes no sense to me,
frozen water trapping the dead leaves and squirrels,
yeah let’s not mention that above ground pool bullshit.
Tarp came off the lawnmower a long time ago and the gas can exposed to the elements, 
and lets not mention I put the gas in the car, 
obviously using a severed 2 liter Coke bottle and…. A mangled Coke CAN fashioned into a funnel.
I’m big on product placement in my ghetto-ness I guess, though it’s not like I have a contract with Walmart or anything.
Anyway, nobody knows what’s in the corrugated tin shed,
I’m not at all sorry that I nailed the shingles back to the house, it looks better from the street at least.
We raked the yard, put the leaves in bags 2 months after everybody else did, and yeah we left those on the side of the road.
And let’s not mention all that other ghetto shit either.

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